HDReye™ High Dynamic Range Camera System

The Cheshire Engineering HDReye Model 1 is a digital camera designed for full-sphere panoramic high dynamic range image capture. It consists of six cameras with wide-angle lenses arranged on the faces of a cube, along with controlling electronics and a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. It is designed for the direct capture of lighting maps for image-based lighting. Other CGI applications include direct capture of reflection and environment maps.

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HDReye Models

Model 1
Configured with 6 imagers in a cubic arrangement, each fitted with a 2.9mm f/8.0 lens the Model 1 provides strongly overlapped full-sphere panoramic capability. The Model 1 is available in black anodized aluminum finish.
Model 2
Configured with one imager, fitted with the user's choice of M12 mount 1/2 inch format lens, the Model 2 provides high dynamic range images with a selection of field of view. Packaging for the Model 2 is under development.
Select from one to six imagers, specify the individual lens characteristics, and we can design an automated high dynamic range camera solution to fit your application. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.
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