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This is the place to find updates for your HDReye system.

HDReye Sample Images

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a sample cropped HDReye image

Cropped Sample (3.65 MB RGB floating point TIFF, 637 x 502 pixels)

This is an HDR TIFF post processed to RGB pixels with 32-bit floating point channels. It has been cropped from the view of a single facet of the HDReye model 1. A Macbeth mini color checker is visible behind the compact fluorescent bulb, and the Altoids tin is sitting on an 18% grey card. The other objects provide a range of typical colors, including some patches of northern sky visible between leaves of the tree outside the window.

of a sample HDReye image full six facet film strip

Full Sample (75 MB RGB floating point TIFF, 1024 x 6144 pixels)

This is an HDR TIFF post processed to RGB pixels with 32-bit floating point channels taken with the HDReye model 1 on a street corner. Note that objects in the field of view that moved during the exposure do cause patches of strange color values. These can be avoided in general by preventing unnecessary movement. A Macbeth color checker is visible on the sidewalk near the tripod feet. The grey squares were used as a reference grey to white balance the whole image. The raw image (24 MB floating point TIFF, 1024 x 6144 pixels) as produced by the camera is also available. This is a monochrome image including the Bayer CFA pattern.

HDReye System Software

The following items support the HDReye camera system. They require that an HDReye be connected for correct operation.
Device Driver
ZIP HDReye.sys version 1.3.375.0. Supports HDReye high dynamic range camera with firmware version 0.10 or newer. Supported on Windows XP only.
User Interface
ZIP Installation package for HDReyeUI.exe version 1.0.4. Provides a user interface for the HDReye high dynamic range camera. Requires HDReye.sys version 1.1.355.0 or newer.
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