Praise for NeuralystTM

Have you heard?

The NEUROVE$T JOURNAL Survey of indepndent readers (July/August 1995) concluded:

"Winner: most highly rated"


Comments from Users

Nothing makes us more proud than knowing that Neuralyst really delivers the goods for our customers. We also receive unsolicited praise directly from Neuralyst users:

"The Genetic Supervisor is a greate enhancement"
F.S., New York, NY
"I can only say, thank you for a marvelous product."
M.B., United Arab Emirates
"The user manual is fantastic! Most software manuals assume you already know the subject, but Neuralyst's manual and examples are a worthwhile training course."
P.K., Portland, OR
"I've tried several neural networks, but Neuralyst is the fastest and most stable. I wouldn't want to use any other."
B.O., New York, NY

Comments from the Press

Frankly, We're more proud of what Neuralyst users have to say, but it is reassuring that the reviewers approve as well:

"With the release of Version 1.4, I believe Neuralyst is clearly at the head of the class of spreadsheet add-in Neural Network Development Systems"
Dr. Howard Bandy, NEUROVE$T JOURNAL, March/April 1995
"Neuralyst 1.4 Turns Data into Answers."
Craig Stinson, PC Magazine, February 7, 1995

Those reviews capture the essence of Neuralyst perfectly: Neuralyst is a practical tool for your day to day analysis needs.

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