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Notice: As of June, 2010, Neuralyst is no longer available for new sales on any platform. Neuralyst is known to be incompatible with Excel 2007, and we have no plans to support Neuralyst on Excel 2007, the upcoming Office 2010 release, or any future release.

Cheshire Engineering is happy to continue providing support for existing customers using Neuralyst with Excel 2003 and earlier only.

Of course, Cheshire remains available for consulting services and product development, and would be happy to discuss incorporation of our knowledge of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in your custom projet. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Neuralyst Products

Praise for Neuralyst
Unsolicited comments and reviews. From time to time, our customers let us know what they think of the product. Now you can find out too!
Neuralyst for Excel
Add a neural network to your Excel spreadsheet models. Never has it been easier. Load up your data, configure the network and go. You probably already know how to get your data into Excel, and that's all you need to do. Neuralyst works with your data right from the spreadsheet. The commands to configure and run the network appear right on the Excel menu.
Neuralyst Run-Time Library
Add a neural network to your custom application. For the programmer who needs neural network technology, the choice is clear. The Neuralyst Run-Time Library provides all of Neuralyst's features as C callable functions. Thorough documentation and sample code are provided.
Neuralyst Development System
Add a neural network to your custom application, based on models built and trained in Excel. As a special offer, you can get the Neuralyst Development System, including the features of both Neuralyst for Excel and the Neuralyst Run-Time Library for one low price. The Neuralyst Development System is the ideal way to get up and running with neural network technology. You can prototype your analysis using Neuralyst for Excel for quick and easy "what if" experimentation. Then add the Neuralyst Run-Time Library to your application to do the real work.
Neuralyst for Excel Demo
Download a working product demonstration. By popular demand, a demonstration package has been made available for free distribution. The demonstration is a working version of the Neuralyst for Excel product designed to run the tutorial examples and small problems of your own design.
Supported Platforms
Information about supported platforms for Neuralyst.
How to Order
Contacting Cheshire for more information and orders.
Neuralyst Tech Notes
Online Tech Notes and FAQs.
Neuralyst Documentation Updates
Online updates to the Neuralyst User's Guide.
Neuralyst Examples
Some examples of Neuralyst in action.
Reference material on neural networks.

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