Supported Platforms



For IBM-PC or compatible:

Neuralyst will run on any system capable of supporting Excel, though faster processors will improve performance and greater memory will increase the size your models can be. Neuralyst itself requires less than 4MB of disk space for its program storage.

New in version 1.42 is support for Excel 2002 (Office XP). Neuralyst for Excel for Windows supports Excel 2002, 2000, 97, 95, 5, and 4 on Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0, Me, 98, and 95. As with all earlier versions, version 1.42 continues to support operation on Windows 3.1 with Excel 4.

Version 1.40 and earlier are incompatible with 32-bit versions of Excel (Excel 5 for NT and all later versions are 32-bit). Both version 1.41 and the new version 1.42 provide transparent support for both 16-bit and 32-bit versions of Excel. Version 1.42 is required for correct operation with Excel 2002, a component of Office XP.

Note that Neuralyst for Windows has not been formally tested with Office 2007.


For Apple Macintosh:

Neuralyst for Apple Macintosh is no longer actively supported by Cheshire Engineering Corp. We will continue to sell licenses to version 1.4 for Macintosh, however this version is only known to run with Excel 2001 or older on Mac OS 9.x and earlier.

There are no plans to support any version of Mac OS X on either PowerPC or Intel platforms at present.

Neuralyst will run on any 68K or PowerPC based system capable of supporting Excel 4.0 through Excel 2001 running Mac OS 9 and earlier, though faster processors will improve performance and greater memory will increase the size your models can be. Neuralyst itself requires less than 1MB of disk space for its program storage.

Combined Edition

If you would like to use Neuralyst on both Windows and Macintosh systems (note the restrictions on the Mac described above), the Combined Edition includes both for a special price. You get the second system at a 50% savings compared to buying it separately. The Combined Edition includes one copy of the User's Guide and program disks for each operating system.

Other Platforms

Through Cheshire's available engineering services, Neuralyst can be ported to other platforms as required. For example, the forward prediction engine has been ported to the Apple Newton PDA for use with a pre-trained network in a portable data collection and decision application.

Requirements for such a platform vary widely depending on the capabilities required. The forward prediction engine is the most portable, and has the least demand on the embedded system. A full backpropigation learning network would reqire more resources of the embedded system.

If you are interested in embedding some part of Neuralyst's functionality in an application on a platform other than Windows or Macintosh, please contact Cheshire to discuss your requirements.

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