NeuralystTM for Excel Demonstration

The Demonstration edition of Neuralyst for Excel is available for download. The demo version is freely redistributable, with the sole restriction that the entire demo be distributed (please distribute the original ZIP or HQX file if possible). By all means, feel free to upload it to your favorite BBS systems or ftp sites.

The demo is available for the following systems:

New! The Windows version now supports Excel 2002 from Office XP, as well as Excel 2000, 97, 95, 5 and 4!

Demonstration Restrictions

This demonstration version of Neuralyst has several restrictions that are not present in the full product. These restrictions have been chosen to permit use of all of the included example worksheets, as well as permitting the user to try out neural network technology on their own problems and data. These restrictions are as follows:

  1. Network weights cannot be re-loaded. Weights saved to a worksheet may be printed and analyzed after training, but they will be replaced by random values when reloaded. This means that no training can be preserved in a saved worksheet. The full product allows training to be preserved in a saved worksheet.
  2. Networks cannot have more than one hidden layer, for a maximum of a three layer network. The full product allows as many as four hidden layers, for a maximum of a six-layer network.
  3. Networks cannot have more than 400 input cells, 200 output and target cells, or 300 total connections. The full product permits as many as 6,550 rows with inputs, outputs and targets limitted only by available memory. The full product permits as many as 131,000 connections.
  4. The Genetic Training supervisor feature is disabled. The full product permits the use of a powerful genetic algorithm to assist with the configuration of a neural net that is best suited to your data.
  5. The Trader's Macro Library, a technical stock/futures analysis package, is disabled. The full product includes this package, which facilitates the computation and maintenance of processed stock/futures data, at no additional charge. Computations supported by the Trader's Macro Library include: Simple and Exponential Moving Averages; Moving Average Oscillators; Rate of Change; Momentum; Relative Strength Index; Stochastic Oscillators; and others.

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