NeuralystTM Documentation Updates

The Neuralyst User's Guide is available here as the main book, an addendum documenting the changes from 1.4 to 1.42, and an errata sheet for the book. These are all distributed in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Reader 4 or later, available from Adobe's web site, is required to read these documents.

The Neuralyst User's Guide is also available in four parts for those users on slower links. The parts are:

Neuralyst User's Guide Part 1 (NUG14x-1.pdf, 368 KB)
Neuralyst User's Guide Part 2 (NUG14x-2.pdf, 376 KB)
Neuralyst User's Guide Part 3 (NUG14x-3.pdf, 383 KB)
Neuralyst User's Guide Part 4 (NUG14x-4.pdf, 312 KB)

Some additional material of interest is available on this site in HTML form. This includes an excerpt from the User's Guide (Chapter 3: Basic Concepts for Neural Networks) as well as a paper collecting a complete description of the formulae and algorithms implementing the Neuralyst engine.

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