Doing Business with Cheshire Engineering Corporation

How can Cheshire Engineering help me?

Are you looking for engineering personnel but haven't found the skills that are required? Do you need engineering services performed on a one-time basis? Are you experiencing a temporary "crunch" that needs to be smoothed out? Do you have an idea for a product, but are not interested in maintaining a full-time engineering staff? Cheshire Engineering exists to provide engineering expertise to companies in all these situations.

It is always difficult to find good technical people and hiring can be a risky and expensive proposition for an employer. Cheshire Engineering is able to provide expert knowledge and skills on an "as-needed" basis with quick availability and low risk.

How do I work with Cheshire Engineering?

Cheshire Engineering works the way you want to work, whether the job requires a week or a year. For those clients who are supplementing their engineering staff, Cheshire can work on site under the supervision of client personnel. For those clients who are interested in full design engineering services, Cheshire can work at its own facilities and deliver finished prototypes. Virtually any arrangement in between these two extremes is possible.

For projects that are open-ended or without firm specifications, Cheshire Engineering can provide services on a time and material basis. For projects that are self-contained and well-specified, Cheshire can provide services on a time and material or fixed price basis.

Cheshire Engineering maintains facilities to perform electronic and computer design engineering services including computer systems, CAD/EDA tools, and software development tools. In certain cases, customer provided tools and equipment may be appropriate or necessary.

Aren't consulting engineers expensive?

An employee is often more expensive than expected after benefits, overhead, and other expenses are considered. A consultant is often less expensive than expected after the ability to retain the consulting engineer only as needed is considered, and is often more valuable due to experience level and expertise. Further, today's rapid product cycles and competitive markets means that a failure to bring a product to market in a timely manner can be very costly to a company.

Who owns the rights?

Again, Cheshire Engineering works the way you want to work. In most cases, all design rights are retained by you. Cheshire Engineering treats your information as proprietary and will deliver all information and documents to you at the completion of the project and support your assertion of copyrights and patent rights. In some cases, it may be beneficial for Cheshire Engineering to share or retain intellectual property rights. Such cases are always with the approval of the client.

How do I get started?

Just Contact us by phone or email. We will then work with you to understand your requirements and to establish our match to your requirements in an initial consultation. Having established a foundation for further discussions, Cheshire Engineering will meet with you at your convenience to describe our track record and skills, further understand your needs, and begin the process of building a relationship. Following that meeting, a quotation for services can be submitted for your approval.