About Cheshire Engineering Corporation

What is Cheshire Engineering?

Cheshire Engineering is a consulting firm founded in 1982. We provide electronics and computer design engineering expertise to our clients. Cheshire specializes in the fields of embedded real-time systems, microprocessor controllers, digital and analog circuit design, signal processing, video processing, systems software and drivers. Cheshire has provided these services to numerous satisfied clients.

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Who am I getting when I work with Cheshire?

Cheshire Engineering retains a staff of highly experienced engineers who have been very successful in developing products and completing projects. The Cheshire Engineering staff includes systems engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, and support personnel. Currently, all of Cheshire's engineers are graduates of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Some of Cheshire's engineers hold patents, and all have many years experience and numerous projects to their credit.

Why did we pick the name "Cheshire"?

No, we are not from England at all.

When we founded Cheshire Engineering in 1982, there were hundreds of companies that named themselves partly with a "micro", "soft", or "tech" in their name; most of those have disappeared over the years. Choosing to be more creative and a bit whimsical, one of the founders suggested a name from a favorite character in Lewis Carroll's stories.

What is that symbol in the logo?

Our logo draws on the many interesting projects that straddle the border between the real world and the computer, or the interface between analog and digital. The symbol used is closest to the schematic symbol for an opamp, but could stand for any of several of the key electronic components in the path from a real phenomenon to a digital measurement. The random field of ones and zeros behind it of course stands for digital data.