Video Processing at Cheshire Engineering Corporation

Cheshire's Video and Image Processing Experience

Cheshire has very broad experience in the technical skills and knowledge required to design and complete projects in today's video processing and image capture environments.

Some examples of past and current projects are listed here.

Digital Video Recorders

Solid State Recorder We designed a solid state digital video recorder to capture and MPEG compress live full resolution NTSC or PAL video and audio, and store recordings on Compact Flash media for playback on personal computers. The system also includes playback within the unit to video and audio outputs.

We also designed a system to capture video using compact CCD imagers, compress it, and record it in solid state memory or hard disk. Video playback of the recording was also part of the system.

Digital Cameras

Digital Camera We designed a microprocessor controlled consumer product to capture and compress stereo still photos using CMOS imagers and record them in Compact Flash solid state memory. The system includes a USB interface for connection to personal computers, and a color LCD panel for picture display and user controls.

We designed the HDReye™, a digital camera designed for full-sphere panoramic high dynamic range image capture. This product was originally created for a major Hollywood special effects production company.

Also, for a company which was developing a digital video camera system for the motion picture industry we consulted on the architecture of the camera system and performed detailed simulations of the image quality which may be obtained using various camera designs.

High-definition Real-time Resolution Converter

HDRTC Board We not only designed this system, but also provided on-going engineering support for the product line. This included the design of occasional feature enhancements and new models to meet new market conditions. It also included the design of a second generation product targeted to the conversion of High Definition Television (HDTV) signals, and included feature enhancements specifically targeted toward use in converting film images to videotape (for use with HD Telecine machines). Pictured is an add-in upgrade for the converter which outputs D1 Digital Video.

NTSC/PAL Real-time Resolution Converter

RTC Box A noteworthy product we designed is the Real-Time Converter for High Resolution Graphic systems. The product is a high-speed digital signal processor incorporating a custom ASIC design as the digital filter element and an all-digital encoding subsystem. Cheshire undertook the research that led to the conversion and encoding architecture; we designed the electronic and software systems which implement the product; we managed the team which produced the ASIC; and we developed and implemented the user interface for the product. The product is the subject of two U.S. patents.

Video Encoders and Sync Generators

We have also designed other products for video-related markets. These include a Progressive/Interlaced scan converter, analog NTSC and PAL video encoders, sync generators, and a High Definition analog video color space transcoder.

Video Animation Controllers

MiniVAS For a video equipment company we developed an animation controller for Video Tape Recorders (VTRs). These products operate the controls of a VTR in a coordinated fashion so that single-frame images can be recorded with absolute accuracy. This allows computer or other animation to be recorded directly to tape. The design is based on a microprocessor whose software incorporates both the VTR control and the user interface.